10 Ways To Save Money This Christmas


The Christmas period, by default, is usually a time of cheer. It’s a time when everyone wants to spend valuable time and have fun with friends and family. Everyone wants to get presents for friends and family.

In this mood, people tend to spend a lot as well. During Christmas, families visit theme parks, movie cinemas, and other public places where they can have fun and spend a lot of money.

However, who says you have to spend lavishly to have a nice Christmas? You can have a memorable Christmas with your loved ones and still save some money. “How?”, you ask? We have brought you a list of 10 ways you can save money during Christmas.

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Ways To Save Money This Christmas

1. Plan your Spend

Before you start any form of shopping for Christmas, you should make a plan. Carefully estimate the items you want to shop for and consider your budget. You don’t want to make a list of items that will exceed your budget. This will help you organize your expenses and would prevent impulsive spending when you get to the shopping mall.

2. Stick to Your Plan

The whole point of making a plan for your Christmas spending is to help you save money if possible and to prevent lavish spending. It all falls apart if you fail to follow the plan. You should try as much as possible to stick to your spending plan.

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3. Send Greeting Cards

If you think you don’t have enough financial capacity to get your loved ones a gift for Christmas, you could always get them cards. A Christmas card shows people that you care about them and it doesn’t cost much to get. Personalize the card by writing a heartfelt note showing them how much you love them.

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4. Search for Discounts

While you are planning for Christmas gift shopping, first consider stores that offer discounts. In this period, a lot of gift shops and online stores would offer items for discounted prices. They are very easy to find as all it requires is just one google search. This method would help you to save a lot of money.

5. Source for Free Shipping/Delivery

Most online stores, during the festive period, offer promotions on their sales. These promotions include free delivery or free shipping on their products. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity and save money for delivery. This would only require to scour the web or social media for promotions like this.

6. Homemade Gifts

Giving homemade gifts is another great way to save a whole lot during Christmas. Surprisingly, a lot of people love homemade gifts because of the time and effort you must have put into it. They have a sentimental value attached to them. you can get ideas for homemade gifts online and plan ahead of Christmas.

7. Give Few Gifts

Don’t take this wrong. You should be generous if you can. If you have a slim budget, you don’t have to spend beyond your means. Cut your coat according to your cloth. Give the few gifts you can afford.

8. Buy in Bulk

When you are shopping for Christmas, make sure you make all your shopping together. Buying in bulk helps to save some cost especially transport or delivery. This also allows you to bargain on the collective price. If you shop all your Christmas items in bulk, you would be saving some money.

9. Sell some of your Items

To get enough money for Christmas, you can consider selling some of the items that you own. Selling off some things you no longer need would help you raise some money for Christmas shopping.

10. Avoid the Mall

If you know you are an impulsive spender, you should probably avoid going to the mall this Christmas. The mall has a lot of items on display with various attractive deals. You might be enticed to buy something you didn’t plan for, which will disrupt your budget. Hence, to save money, you should consider avoiding the mall and trying alternatives.

Ready, set, go shopping. You have seen all our tips for saving money this Christmas. You are good to go ahead and prepare for this season of cheer. If you have any thoughts or questions, make us of the comment section. Season’s greetings.


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