Top 10 Cheapest Car Rentals in South Africa


Due to travels, emergencies, or the lack of our own vehicles, we often have little choice but to take public transportation. South Africans are increasingly using automobile rentals as a form of transportation when they need to get from point A to B but do not have their own vehicles to do it in comfort. However, a traveller who is already strapped for cash may be reluctant to add more to the bill by hiring a car. 

Car rentals, especially low-cost ones, are an absolute requirement in this situation. In the past, when car rental services were prohibitively expensive, they were reserved for individuals with a lot of cash to spare. There are a number of options to consider when looking to rent a car, and you can narrow it down by looking at these services. 

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The following companies in South Africa offer the most affordable and least expensive options for automobile rental. 

Car Rentals in South Africa

South Africa’s Cheapest Car Rentals 

1. Woodford Car Rentals 

All customers, big and small, are catered to by Woodford Car Rentals, South Africa’s largest Car Rental company. Mini, Mini Auto, and Family categories are identified in the car department.

Small automobiles like the Kia Picanto, which has a manual transmission and can accommodate four passengers and two bags in the trunk, fall within the Mini category. For as little as R328 a day, you can rent a car like that.

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2. Discover Cars

Car Rental in South Africa for $11+/day is really affordable. There are a number of offices for the business all around the country. Discovery Cars offers a wide variety of automobiles, but the most economical are the little cars, like the Kia Picanto, which can be rented for R157 a day. 

On their website: Africa you can get in touch with them

3. Cars 4 Hire

It is a fast-growing car rental firm with a small fleet. The rental period can last anywhere from 1 to 3 days and includes unlimited miles.

For only R419 a month, you may lease a Mini from the Mini Section. Cars 4 Hire has an easy-to-navigate website, excellent customer support, and air-conditioned vehicles. There are also sedans, SUVs, Bakkies, and buses in addition to the small cars. 

Phone: +27 (0) 21 556 6788 24, E-mail: to reach them

4. WiseWheels Car Rental Service

The WiseWheels Car Rental Service provides low-cost car rentals.. It costs R180 per day to rent a Small Class Car (Group A), which has four seats, two small luggage bags, and a manual transmission. Cars come with air conditioning. A large number of branches are located around the country.

5. Thrifty Car Rental Service

In South Africa, Thrifty Automobile Rental Service is one of the larger, more diverse, and more affordable car rental providers. There are numerous locations for this business across the country, and a wide range of automobiles are available for customers to pick from.

In addition to small cars, they also provide sedan and hatchback models as well as sport utility vehicles (SUVs), cargo and passenger vans, buses, and recreational vehicles (RVs). Vehicles can be pre-booked months in advance and returned to a different place. Phone number: +27 (0)11 230 5000. Request a reservation:

6. Tempest Car Hire

Tempest Car Hire offers locations across South Africa, including Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Western Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and Eastern Cape provinces. All of the Kia Picanto’s models are available, with manual transmissions, four seats, and two luggage compartments.

You may get in touch with them at their physical location at 16 Ernest Oppenheimer Avenue, Bruma, 2026, South Africa, or by phone at +27 (0) 11 479 4000.

7. Hertz Car Rentals

Hertz Automobile Rentals is a well-known and well-respected car rental company in South Africa. You can rent a car for just R200 per day, or you can go all the way up to R6000 per month for a Range Rover or other high-end SUV. They have a wide range of options.

Alternatively, you can rent a car at one location and return it at another within the company’s network of locations. Please call +27 21 935 4500 or send an email to if you have any questions about renting a car in South Africa!

8. RentaChepie Car Rental

Cheapest car rental in South Africa is RentaChepie. A three-day minimum is required for most rental cars, with the exception of newer models. 

These aren’t flashy vehicles, but they are affordable and functional. For those who choose to drive Manual or Automatic cars, this company has both possibilities. Using the company’s services entitles you to additional perks beyond the simple rental of a vehicle. If you ever need assistance, you can call on the 24-hour Roadside Assistance service. 

From the employment process to the upkeep, this organisation does not use any third parties. The company’s employees do all the work, which lowers the prices.

9. Dollar Car Rental

Dollar Car Rental is a well-known international business with a substantial presence in South Africa, having relocated there from Florida, the United States. This company charges R327 a day to rent a modest car from them. Manual transmissions, four seats, and two bags of luggage are typical features of this kind of vehicle.

10. Budget Car Hire

In South Africa, Budget car rental is another well-known name in the field of the most economical automobile rentals. It provides all the advantages of a large car rental service, including low costs, the flexibility to return a car at another location, and a wide selection of vehicles.

The Renault Kwid, a five-door, five-passenger tiny car with a manual transmission, is available from the manufacturer in the small car segment. 

The car’s luggage compartment can hold two suitcases. About R300 a day with unlimited mileage is all you need for this. 

Volkswagen Polos and Toyota Corollas are examples of new vehicles. Sedans, SUVs, and Mercedes-Benz Maclarens are all available from the manufacturer.


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