Punctuate Company Bridges the Gap Between African SMEs and Leading Business Experts Through its Launching Event


Industry reports in the past years show how the SMEs in Africa have demonstrated competitive performance in driving economic growth and development across various economic regions in Africa. Despite these findings, small businesses in Africa have a high rate of business failure mostly as a result of funding and lack of access to business experts training.

Punctuate, a Public Relations company based in Lagos, Nigeria, seeks to bridge this gap by connecting small businesses across Africa with thriving and leading business experts in the legal, Fintech, Public Relations and Talent Management industry through its launching event on September 24, 2022 via the company’s twitter space.

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Speakers at the event include business experts like; Fikayo Oyewole, Team Lead at Punctuate Company, Emmanuel Faith, Lead, People and Culture at Cowrywise, Modupe Balogun, Senior Associate at UBBO and Precious Dahunsi, Content Marketing Lead at Bumpa.

Punctuate understands that creating a lasting customer experience is at the centre of branding and it is a huge factor in determining the success of any business, especially start up brands. Customer experience could be what distinguishes a thriving brand from a struggling brand owing to its ability to help creates a perception of a brand.

Some of the major services offered at Punctuate are branding services through public relations and strategic communication, the maintenance of brands and the creative reshaping of customer experience to attract referral as well as memorably satisfy the customers. 

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The corporate vision at Punctuate is aimed at helping start up brands in Nigeria and Africa to build their public image and be equipped enough to solve the problems of customers while maintaining a favourable position in the industry market. Punctuate focuses on the strategies to enhance the visibility of brands by reshaping them into what is obtainable in the market.

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This is the rationale behind the Punctuate Business Roundtable virtual event as we hope that start-ups would benefit greatly from interacting with individuals who have acquired professional knowledge in their respective areas of expertise and who have creativity contributed their unique experiences and knowledge to branding. 


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