10 Disadvantages of Going to the University


When going to university it is essential to ask and question its benefits. The tertiary institution- University has its benefits but is there a flipside to going to university? Is there a reason why I should not go to university?  Here are some disadvantages of going to University;

Disadvantages of the University

Disadvantages of the University

1. Distractions

University students are exposed to a lot of things that can often distract students from learning. Extra-curricular activities can be a form of distraction for some class of students. So it is necessary for each student to know what suits one another.

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2. Practical exposure

In the university, most students just read to pass without proper practical exposures and experiences. 80% of students spend time reading expensive books without practical exposures.

3. Unrealistic Expectations

When a student resumes school newly the goal is to get good grades but the University is a place that can often put students under a lot of pressure thereby making each student set an unrealistic goal which can lead them into frustration.

4. Extended Adolescence

College or University years can often be touted as the decadent fun a young person or student will ever have the opportunity to experience.

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A vast majority of young students are prepared for, and deserve, much better than this particularly extended adolescence that involves students starting to cater for customers instead of the ward and the atmosphere has come to reflect this lowered expectation.

5. Debt

This is a common problem students often face when taking up a degree in the university. Students acquire loans to settle fees thereby resulting in debts that become a burden upon graduation.  Public university could be cheaper but the debt level is reduced. Also, the more prestigious a degree is the higher the debt.

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6. Cost

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon so we must know our mouths and capabilities before taking a bold step in attending a tertiary institution. The cost of getting a quality education is on the rise now. You often spend a thousand without assurance that you can get a good job after.

7. Time

Time is lost I mean plenty of time can be lost when acquiring education in the university. You might spend 5 years for a 4 years course in circumstances when you would have set up a good business that pays really.  Don’t get me wrong, school is essential.

8. Job Guarantee

A job is not guaranteed after completion of a university degree in a chosen field. Although, yes, it can give a competitive edge of non-degree holders it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to secure employment once you graduate from the university.

9. Loss of Income

Students who spend four years workings instead of attending college might find they have the financial capacity to save more than spending the whole four years in the university. Four years of working up a corporate enterprise can lead to a relatively good salary.

10. Population

Many students who attend populous universities can be intimidated by the number of people in classes, in the cafeteria, or just walking around. Some people feel as though they can get lost in the crowd and lose the sense of belonging along the way. Don’t get me wrong there might be ways to combat this disadvantage.


In addition, it is your choice to decide whether to go to the university or not but make sure whatever you plan on doing will guarantee you a better life. You can decide to venture into a business so as to establish a career but it worthy of note that getting a quality education is of paramount essence.


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