Film School Africa Bursary 2022


The Film School Africa is inviting all qualified students to apply for the Bursary Programme 2022 academic year.

Film School Africa Bursary

Applications for the 2022 school year are open! Please ensure that you have also filled out the FSA College Application Form in addition to this form if applying for a bursary – PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ONLY GIVE BURSARIES TO STUDENTS APPLYING FOR FSA COLLEGE.

Do not submit a bursary application unless you are passionate about studying at Film School Africa College in Somerset West (Cape Town) – a Christian institution. Please note that you will be required to live on campus for 2, potentially 3, years. Please also note that every student who receives a bursary is expected to contribute in some way based on his/her ability. This amount fluctuates based on your financial situation. It is quite reasonable, but will require some sacrifice and effort from you.

  South African Road Federation (SARF) Bursary 2022

***Please give the 3 ESSAY QUESTIONS at the end of the application form a lot of time and attention. We will be selecting 3-5 bursary students each year out of 30-50 potential applicants, so the more information we have about YOU and your financial situation, the better your chances of being selected. If you are only going to write a few sentences, don’t bother submitting the application. We suggest you look at the questions, and then answer them in a word document on a computer, rather than answering on a phone so that you can best fill out the form. You can email them to

How to apply for Film School Africa Bursary 2022

Complete application form online at:

Closing Date: 15 September 2021

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Bursary applications are due before September 15th for the following school year!


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