FNB Cellphone Banking: How to Transfer Money and Register


First National Bank is a division of First Rand Limited. It is one of South Africa’s “big four” banks that have made banking easier for South Africans. Through this post, we will be taking a look at FNB Cellphone Banking.

FNB Cellphone Banking

How To Register for FNB Cellphone Banking

There are four different ways to register for FNB mobile banking. You can do it yourself or go to the nearest FNB branch.

    1. For inContact customers, Dial *120*321# on your cell phone, select “More Features” from the menu and accept the Ts & Cs
    2. You can also register online by using FNB Online Banking. Login to www.fnb.co.za with your Online Banking username and password, and go to Settings.
    3. At an FNB ATM, Go to More Options or My Banking Options on the menu and select Register for Cellphone Banking.
    4. Apply at any FNB branch.
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First National Bank (FNB) USSD codes

Dial *120*321#

      • Check balances on one or all of your accounts
      • Pay your Traffic fine
      • Buy LOTTO
      • Buy PowerBall
      • Send money using the eWallet
      • Get a mini statement
      • Transfer money between your own FNB accounts
      • Pay any account or anyone else
      • Receive real-time confirmation of financial transactions (inContact)
      • Maintain your Cellphone Banking details
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Dial *130*321# or *130*277# (eWallet)

      • For Airtime
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Additional benefits of FNB Cellphone Banking

    • Get up to 15% back on your airtime or bundles purchases

FNB Cellphone Banking Limits

There are some limits to what you can do with your FNB cellphone banking on a daily, and monthly basis respectively. This dictates how much a customer can transact on a daily and monthly basis.

FNB Cellphone Banking transaction limits

  • R1 500 daily limit for purchases (cash withdrawals, all prepaid products, National Lottery products & eWallet)
  • R5 000 daily limit for once-off payments (pay2cell & once-off payments to individuals)
  • R50 000 daily limit for payments (pay linked recipients, traffic fines, clothing accounts and once-off bill payments)
  • R100 000 daily limit for transfers between your own FNB accounts

FNB Cellphone Banking monthly transaction limits

  • R10 000 monthly limit for purchases
  • R20 000 monthly limit for once-off payments
  • R100 000 monthly limit for payments


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