How to clear E16 error on GOtv in South Africa


We discussed how to clear the E16 error on DStv but the DStv satellite is not the only place where you can encounter this E16 error problem.  GOtv users can notice it on their GOtv as well. We will teach you how you can deal with GOtv E16 just by following these simple steps.

GOtv E16 error

Use your phone to clear GOtv E16 error

Pick up your mobile phone and send an SMS to reset your IUC number.

For Example: SMS RESET 2003059600 to 4688 (2003059600 is the IUC Number which can be found on the red label under the decoder.)

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NOTE: You have to make sure your GOtv subscription is active. If it has expired, you will not get a positive response after sending this SMS. It is better to send the SMS during the day if you use this method.

Use GOtv customer care to fix E16 error

Using this method of fixing the E16 error would require you to call the GOtv customer care. The GOtv customer care line number is 012723232. Once you dial this number, do not follow any of the automatic voice prompts. This way, the system will automatically forward your call to one of the GOtv customer service agents. They will help you to solve the problem quickly.

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Get rid of the GOtv E16 error online

  1. Pick up your phone or laptop and visit the home page of the official GOtv website.
  2. Search for “Clear Error Code” on the right side of the page.
  3. Once you have found it, enter your GOtv IUC Number.
  4. Select your problem type (E16 error) and write down the code which will be displayed.
  5. Click “Clear Code”.
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With the above steps, it is very easy to fix the E16 problem, and also, it is completely free of charge. Share this article with family and friends and help them to also get rid of E16 error on GOtv!


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