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Okmalumkoolkat Biography, Age, Songs, Albums & Net Worth


Okmalumkoolkat (born 27 July 1983) in Umlaziwhose real name is Smiso Zwane is a South African rapper. He is also a group member of Dirty Paraffin.

Currently, he is signed to Austrian label Affine Records under which he released his debut EP, Holy Oxygen.

He released his debut album Mlazi Milano on 30 December 2016 which were supported by two singles before release which was “Ntwana Yam’” and “Gqi”.

Okmalumkoolkat biography
Full Name Smiso Zwane
Date of Birth 27 July 1983 (37 years old)
Gender Male
Occupation Musician, Rapper
Nationality South African
Net Worth $500,000

Okmalumkoolkat Age

He was born on the 27th of July 1983 in Umlazi, Durban in South Africa. As of 2020, he is 37 years old.

Okmalumkoolkat Songs

  1. Ntwana Yam’
  2. Usangikhumbula
  3. Holy Oxygen
  4. Gqi!
  5. Ijusi
  6. Allblackblackkat
  7. Ngiyashisa Bhe!
  8. Fancy Footwork
  9. Mlazi Milano
  10. Sele Sele
  11. Ubhuti Ontsundu
  12. Mathananazane Wami
  13. Zharp
  14. Boomslang
  15. Bayavuma Interlude
  16. Galileo
  17. Straight to the Top
  18. Isimangaliso
  19. Amalobolo
  20. Ekse Aweh!
  21. Mega Milano
  22. Tongue Foo Action / Forever
  23. La Liga
  24. Uk’Thula / Spura Maluda
  25. Spina Gusheshe Like A Skateboard Skit!
  26. Spoek Mathambo International Airport
  27. Zweitbester
  28. Shark Attack



Okmalumkoolkat News

Okmalumkoolkat holds off promoting his new single, Drip Siphi Iskorobho, in support of #EnoughIsEnough

Source: JustNje.com

On Friday, 6 September 2019, alternative hip-hop artist, Okmalumkoolkat, released his latest single, Drip Siphi Iskrobho, across all major digital music platforms. However, because of the political climate in South Africa, he announced that he would hold off on promoting the new single.

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He posted an image of a fisted arm coloured in shades of the South African flag on Instagram. The caption to the post read, “I have music out [today] but I [will not] be promoting [the single] today as we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters. I [too] say #EnoughisEnough to #GenderBasedViolence and #XenobhobicAttacks in South Africa.”

Drip Siphi Iskorobho marks Okmalumkoolkat’s second single released in 2019. The single follows the March release of his leading single, Amakamera Angshoote. In the outro of the single, the La Liga rapper states how his fan base is anticipating the follow-up album to his 2016 debut album, Mlazi Milano, suggesting that he was working on releasing the follow-up project soon.

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The current single, along with Amakamera Angshoote, mark the artist’s progression and growth in finding his production sound. The lyricism is still his signature style; however, the production of the songs’ beats, produced by G Star Beatz, has lo-fi influences that are reminiscent of his 2017 EP, Holy Oxygen ll.

The cover art for the album is a continuation of his visual aesthetic. Okmalumkoolkat has called his use of pixelated digital iconography and nature the vaporwave.



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