Orphans of a Nation Teasers for April 2021


Orphans of a Nation (Órfãos da Terra) is a love story set in Brazil about refugees and immigrants who have left their homelands for a variety of reasons. Some have moved due to economic difficulties or natural disasters, while others have fled political or religious persecution.

Orphans of a Nation premiere episodes air on SABC3 from Monday to Wednesday at 18h30.

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Orphans of a Nation

Monday 5 April 2021
Episode 1

The war in Syria begins, and the home of Elias and his family is destroyed. In Lebanon, Hussein comments to Jamil that Aziz regards him as a son.

Aziz commits a crime and asks Jamil to take the blame instead. Elias, Laila and Missad plan to flee to Brazil. Aziz arranges Jamil and his daughter Dalila’s marriage. Aziz is enchanted by Laila.

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Jamil and Laila fall in love in the refugee camp in Beirut. Laila says she will marry Aziz to save her brother.

Tuesday 6 April 2021
Episode 2

Dalila doesn’t accept her father’s marriage to Laila. Laila and Aziz’s wedding day arrives. Soraya helps Laila escape.

Laila, Elias, and Missad board a small boat heading for Greece. Aziz orders Jamil to go to Greece after Laila. Jamil discovers that Laila is the woman he fell in love with.

Wednesday 7 April 2021
Episode 3

Jamil is shocked to discover that Aziz’s fiancée is Laila. Aziz sends him to Brazil. Hussein warns Jamil of the danger of rejecting Dalila.

The boat in which Laila and her family are in, sinks.  Everyone is split up and gets lost. Jamil finds Laila on a ship headed to Brazil.

Monday 12 April 2021
Episode 4

Aziz calls Jamil, who covers it up in front of Laila. Zuleika and Cibele move into Rania’s house because of her husband’s betrayal.

Sara starts taking belly dancing classes with Muna. Jamil and Laila make plans for the future. Elias and his family arrive in Brazil and go to a shelter that houses refugees.Camila attacks Cibele for her weight and everyone fights.

Tuesday 13 April 2021
Episode 5

Missad begs Father Zoran not to reveal to Laila that Jamil sought her out at the refugee center. Soraya fears Aziz’s intentions toward Laila. Jamil suffers when he realizes that Laila will not be showing up to their date.

Sara makes up an excuse for Boris so she can take belly dancing classes. The doctor announces to Laila that she’s pregnant. Aziz instructs Fauze to keep an eye on Hussein. Dalila rejects Youssef.

Wednesday 14 April 2021
Episode 6

Bruno and Abner are detained by the police at a student demonstration. Rania asks Elias to take her to Missad. Bruno declares his love for Valeria.

Rania rescues her family from the refugee centre. Missad reveals to Rania everything about Laila’s marriage to Aziz. David calls his family and Eva is saddened that her son is serving in the army of Israel. Aziz talks to Soraya about regretting having sent Jamil to Brazil.

Monday 19 April 2021
Episode 7

Marie offers Laila a job. Missad finds out that Laila is pregnant. Aziz orders Youssef to travel to Brazil after Jamil. Jamil applies for a sales position at Miguel’s store.

Camila is enchanted by Jamil. Soraya warns Hussein about Aziz’s distrust for Jamil. Miguel confronts Jamil.

Tuesday 20 April 2021
Episode 8

Hussein and Soraya suffer for their impossible love. Laila tells Elias about the baby. Sara lies to Ali about where she lives. Sara confides to Eva that she’s lying to Ali about her origins.

Missad refuses to speak with Jamil, who invades Rania’s house in search of Laila. Bruno tries to kiss Laila during lunch. Aziz threatens Hussein.

Wednesday 21 April 2021
Episode 9

Esther invites Boris and his family to dinner at her home. Youssef tells Dalila that he will look for Jamil in Brazil. Laila tells Jamil about her pregnancy, before he can reveal the truth about his life.

Santita bribes Camila who tells what she found out about Laila. Esther forces Abner to do something for Boris. Dalila makes up a lie about Jamil to Aziz. Camila manipulates Benjamin to get revenge on Laila.


Monday 26 April 2021
Episode 10

Camila convinces Benjamin to show Laila pictures of Jamil with Aziz. Soraya begs Dalila to tell Aziz the truth about Jamil. Aziz receives a call from Jamil and pretends that everything’s fine between them.

Youssef arrives in Brazil. Laila confronts Jamil about Aziz. Abner tells Boris that he saw Sara studying Hebrew. Youssef tells Aziz that he found Laila and that she and Jamil betrayed him.

Tuesday 27 April 2021
Episode 11

Sara despairs when she hears Ali reproach Jamil for lying to his girlfriend. Youssef tells Aziz that he’ll start working on his plan against Laila and Jamil.

Fauze tells Aziz that he saw one of his women leaving Hussein’s room, and the Sheikh sets a trap.  Sara hides when she sees Boris arrive with Mamed at the teahouse. Dalila helps Hussein escape from the mansion. Aziz tells his daughter that Jamil got involved with Laila.

Wednesday 28 April 2021
Episode 12

Jamil sees Laila getting into Youssef’s car and despairs. Abner overhears Sara and Ali’s conversation.  Hussein explains to Samira that Aziz is looking for him. Youssef calls Jamil and threatens Laila’s life.

Hussein explains to Samira that Aziz is looking for him. Zuleika tells Elias and Missad about the call Jamil received, and Bruno convinces them to go to the police.


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