Salaries of Policemen in South Africa: How Much Do Policemen Earn


Our policemen are one of the most key individuals in any society. While there is a lot of public scrutiny on policemen, and there is virtually no country in the world where there are no accusations of corruption, bias or some other form of misconduct against policemen, the simple fact remains that they play a huge role in the level of safety and order in any society, and they put their lives on the line to ensure that the rest of us can sleep a little more peacefully.

The sound of a police siren will worry even the most hardened of criminals. If you have a knack for selflessness, altruism, integrity, a desire to contribute to the law and order of society, and fearlessness in the face of danger, then the police force s definitely the job for you.

Please, if you are only fascinated about weapons and the power that comes with them, then you should look for another profession, preferably one not as delicate as policing. After making that decision, you will definitely be curious as to how much you can expect to earn as a policeman, after all, it is only a man who is well fed that can defend the peace and safety of others. So how much exactly do policemen make in South Africa?

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Policemen salary in South Africa

Policemen Salary in South Africa

The average salary of a policeman in South Africa is 203,000 ZAR annually. Salaries at South African Police Services range from an average of R129,527 to R330,993 a year. South African Police Services employees with the job title Police Captain make the most with an average annual salary of R299,013, while employees with the title Administrative Clerk make the least with an average annual salary of R140,983.

Though police captain can make as high as 435,000 ZAR annually, and administrative clerks can make as high as 252,00o ZAR other key positions in the police force in South Africa are Forensic Analysts who could earn as high as 351,000 ZAR and Sherriff’s Patrol Officers who could earn as high as 405,000 ZAR annually in the South African Police Force.

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While the salary might seem on the low end, policing is a government job, and is one that should draw you more because of the chance to serve your society and leave a good impact, than for the pay involved. Also, the salary is good enough to live a decent life, with a survey of 57 respondents showing that most policemen find their work satisfying.

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Additionally, you can also look forward to climbing up the ladder, and the numerous social and political benefits you will enjoy by being a policeman. Despite the bad press policemen get, they are still viewed as heroes in many parts of society. As regards gender differences, policing is a male-dominated profession, but the research shows that while men have a higher starting salary than their female counterparts, the women have a higher maximum salary than the men do.


So there you have it. If you want to serve your motherland in a police uniform, here is what you need to know about the state of your pocket.


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