How to Register for Homeschooling in South Africa


Every year after 1996, the numbers have continued to rise. Support for parents can come from a variety of sources, including neighborhood associations, legal organizations, educational institutions, and other non-profits.

Homeschooling in South Africa

The following documents is sent to the head of your province’s department of education online using the appropriate application form:

When a child is born to a foreign national, a copy of their passport, work permit, or study permission is required.

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a final copy of a school report card (if the child was in school before, but if the child is only starting school now you must attach an immunization card)

week-by-week breakdown of the number of terms each year in terms of daily contact time (196 days per year)

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A certified copy of the child’s birth certificate is required for the educational program.

You can’t get your hands on this application form, so don’t bother. Applicant Parent is the only one who can make use of it. There are no fees associated with registering for an account.

Timeframes for registering for homeschooling

Your applications may take up to 30 days to be processed.

Following are the necessary actions.

Parents should:

To register a kid (learner) for homeschooling, they must contact the director of the Department of Education in the province where they live and submit an application form with a copy of the learner’s birth certificate.

provide a document outlining the standards for which the parent will be responsible (teach). Framework for the law Education Laws of South Africa, 1996 (Act 84 of 1996) A standard of excellence.

Homeschooling is open to everyone who meets the eligibility requirements.

According to Section 51 of the Act, the term “home education” refers to an educational program provided at the house of a learner by a parent.


Parent or guardian of a learner: (a)Parents

(b) the legal guardian of a student; or (c)

c) the person who agrees to fulfill the responsibilities of the individuals listed in subparagraphs a) and b) in relation to the learner’s schooling.

Registration request sent.

The Head of Department or a duly authorized official should make available to the parent the necessary application form for home education, along with the prerequisites for registration. The parent must also be given the name and contact information of a person who can provide them with information on the provincial curriculum for the student’s school phase, which includes information on the required level of education. The learner’s birth certificate and the parent’s completed form must be given to the department head or other approved authority. For the use of provincial education departments, a sample application form has been included. Conditions that must be met before a student can be registered for homeschooling.

Section 51(2) of the Act requires the Head of the Department to gather the following information from the parent prior to setting conditions and considering registration:

showing how homeschooling serves the best interests of students, that it is a legitimate way for students to exercise their right to an education, and that it is at least as effective as public schooling. It is necessary for a parent to disclose his or her highest education level, the hours of day and minimum number of days per year during which he or she plans to teach the learner, and the proposed curriculum for home education for approval in order to determine what is best for the learner’s benefit.

(b) The student’s age and abilities should be taken into consideration when designing the course. It will meet the province’s basic curriculum requirements and will not fall short of the quality of education delivered in public schools.. Language policy and results (standards) must be adhered to in each phase of the curriculum.

b) Each school day, the student will have at least three hours of direct instruction from a teacher.

Home education must be in line with the values embodied in South Africa’s Constitution of 1996 (Act No. 108 of 1996), as well as the Act. d. Homeschooling parents must not instill in their children a sense of unfair prejudice, racism, or religious intolerance. All participants in society’s educational system must conform to the values outlined in the Constitution.

The process of registering a student for homeschooling. After receiving an application on the appropriate form, the department’s head must answer within 30 days. Upon determining that all requirements have been met, the Head of Department must register the learner for home schooling and issue a certificate of registration to the parent. The parent must be notified in writing if the application is not accepted if this is the case.


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