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Full List of SARS Codes and Description


Listed below are all the SARS Codes for the South African Revenue Service in South Africa.

SARS Codes

Code Description
3601 Basic salary
3605 Annual payment
3606 Commission
3615 Member’s or Director’s remuneration
3616 Independent contractor
3701 Travel allowance
3702 Reimburse travel allowance (taxable)
3703 Reimburse travel allowance (non-taxable)
3801 General benefits
3802 Right of use of motor vehicle / Company motor vehicle
3810 Company medical contribution
4001 Pension fund contributions
4005 Medical aid contributions
4006 Retirement annuity fund contributions
4474 Employer medical contribution
4102 Employees tax / PAYE
4116 Medical aid credits
4141 UIF employee / employer contributions
4142 SDL employer contributions
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