Swahili Baby Names for Boys and Girls and Their Meanings


 I will start this article by pointing out some facts about Swahili.

Did you know

  • Swahili is the official language of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Some of the Swahili words are Arabic, obtained from the 12 centuries contact with the Arabic nations.
  • The vocabulary also includes English, Persian, Portuguese, German, and French words, attained through contact with these countries in the past centuries.
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Searching for a name can be quite rigorous, it is more like a treasure hunt. Swahili baby names are either Arabic or Biblical and to a very large extent, it is influenced by the facts highlighted above. There is a Swahili name for every child regardless of their gender and parent wishes.

It is, however, challenging to settle for the most appropriate without understanding their meanings. So if you are expecting a baby, or you have a newborn baby and you are finding it difficult to come up with a perfect name, here is a list of Swahili names and their meanings.

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Swahili Baby Names

Swahili Baby Names and Their Meanings

Names                                                          Meaning

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Bakari                                A promising and lovely human being

Barika                                                     Bloom, Be Successful

Binti                                                               Daughter

Chane                                 The one having a strong Oak-heart

Kamaria                          The name means Bright like the Moon

Kesi                                    Born at a time of great trouble for father

Lakeisha                                                          Joyful

Penda                                        African – Admired; Loved; Beloved; A variant of Penha

Shani                                             A wonderful woman

Simba                                            To be like a lion

Zahara                                          To shine, to bloom

Abedi                                            Worshipper

Adea                                             A kind gift from the God

Adia                                               A gift, or a gift from the God

Adiah                                            God’s gift or God’s ornaments

Ahadi                                            Promising, With much promise

Aiysha                                           Powerful and complete

Akida                                             Chief, Officer; one who is determined and diplomatic

Akina                                             Solidarity, bond, family bond

Amana                                            A warrior at heart who is faithful and loyal

Amaziah                       The one who has the strength of God is unusual and extraordinary

Amne                                                                            Safe; Secure

Asafa                                             One who is a son of a chief and a Persian officer

Asani                                                             Rebellious

Asanis                                           Rebel; a clear and modest person

Ashura                                          Friend or the one who accompanies.

Athumani                                    The third Khalifa

Atiena                                           Guardian of the night.

Auni                                               Help; Assist

Azizi                                               Arabic – Beloved; Precious One; Treasure; Valuable

Banou                                           Female; Lady; Princess

Chacha                                         A strong man

Chandu                                        An octopus

Chiku                                             The one talking a lot

Djimon                                         One who has strong blood; a powerful person

Elewisa                                         An intelligent and mindful person

Hami                                              Defender, Patron, Protector, Supporter, Show Favour,

Hashaan                                                                       Good-looking

Hasnaa                                                                         very beautiful

Hassian                                                                         Handsome

Hediye                                                                          Gift

Jabali                                             A man who is strong as a rock

Jabori                                            One who brings comfort to people

Jel                                                   Refers to Strong and hard.

Johari                            Something of value, jewel, something precious which is adored

Kamili                                                                            Perfect, No Flaws

Kenyada                                                                                      Gem

Kenyatta                                                                                    Jewel


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