Requirements to Study Veterinary Science in South Africa


Surgeons who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries to animals in the field of veterinary medicine are referred to as “vets.” Surgeons and inoculators operate on animals and protect them from contagious diseases. The type of work they do is determined by the area of expertise they’ve attained.

Veterinarians that specialize in caring for sick domestic animals tend to work in private practice. Some veterinarians work in agriculture, testing livestock in the dairy, meat, and wool industries for diseases and providing advice to farmers on animal care and breeding. The care and rehabilitation of our wild animals is entrusted to veterinarians who specialize in wildlife medicine.

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Veterinary Science

It’s possible for veterinarians to work in a variety of fields, including but not limited to: animal health care, agricultural education, community development, commercial product manufacturing and sales, technical writing, and the prevention and management of animal disease.

Being a Veterinarian in South Africa: What You Need to Know

Acquire the Appropriate Credentials

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Veterinarians in South Africa are normally required to meet the following criteria:

  • National Senior Certificate with a Bachelor’s degree
  • Onderstepoort, near Pretoria, offers a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree.
  • Depending on your job path, you may also be eligible to pursue postgraduate courses.
  • Demonstrate Expertise in the Essential Topics

Admissions standards vary from school to school, but you’ll normally need to demonstrate proficiency in the following subjects:

  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences.
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Research in the field of life sciences is based on years of relevant study and practice.

The normal length of training for a veterinarian in South Africa is six years.

Students in veterinary science must register with the South African Veterinary Council by the 1st of June of the year in which they begin their studies.

Find a Job That’s Right for You

The following are some of the places where veterinarians can find work in South Africa:

  • laboratories for veterinary science
  • Farms with a lot of livestock
  • In the agricultural sector, zoos
  • Universities and colleges
  • Companies in the pharmaceutical industry
  • working for oneself as a sole practitioner
  • Consult with the Appropriate Governmental Agencies for Additional Information

Contact the South Africa Veterinary Council to learn more about South African veterinarians.

University of Pretoria

Currently, the only South African university that offers formal training in veterinary medicine is the University of Pretoria’s world-renowned Onderstepoort facility.

The South African Veterinary Council recognizes this degree from the University of Pretoria, as well as the registries in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Malaysia.


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