Tips To Guarantee Your Success In CompTIA A+ Certification Exams


Looking to dip your toes into the world of IT or validate your knowledge as an IT specialist? The CompTIA A+ certification with two relevant exams is the best point to start.

With a regularly updated designation syllabus that covers both theoretical and practical knowledge of candidates, the A+ credential carries a high standard in the IT industry.


What Do A+ Exams Entail?

As you already realize, this CompTIA accreditation consists of two core exams that you will need to pass in order to receive the A+ certificate.

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The first exam, which is 220-1001, goes over topics related to mobile devices, hardware, and network troubleshooting, networking, virtualization in parallel with cloud computing. While the second exam – 220-1002 covers security, operating systems, as well as hardware, software, and network troubleshooting processes. Each of them will cost you $232.

Though Certbolt is an entry-level accreditation, CompTIA recommends you have practical experience for around 9-12 months in the field and the lab. That way you’ll have a good chance of passing the exams when you have 90 minutes to answer a maximum of 90 questions. 

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Now that you know the details concerning exams, let’s see how you can ace it and get the certification.

  • Understand The Test Objectives

Every test comes with a set of important knowledge areas and concepts that should be prioritized. So, on the official certification webpage, you can download exam outlines to create an individual preparation strategy, focus on the most important aspects and manage your time effectively both when studying and training the exam questions.

  • Build A PC And Set Up A Network
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CompTIA A+ certified professionals are well-known for their expertise in practical situations. In order to keep up this standard, the exams contain performance-based questions. Thus, the best way to understand the workings of the hardware, software, and network functions is to practically try it.

The vast amount of knowledge you’ll gain from learning of how to build a PC and set up a network. This will help you not only get a passing grade but also apply the acquired expertise to your daily tasks.

  • Look Out For Performance-Based Tasks

These are the questions that will test your practical knowledge as mentioned before. They will be more complicated and take more time to answer than your regular Exam-Labs .

However, with a decent amount of hands-on experience and some creative thinking, you’ll be able to ace it. To do this, do not be lazy to reread the scenario and the relevant question several times to better understand the essence.

At the same time, if you got them at the beginning of the test, make sure not to overcommit so that you’ll still have enough time to complete the exam in its entirety.

  • Take Practice Tests

No doubt, the best and easiest way to both mentally and physically prepare for an exam is to take practice tests in a similar environment. This will help you get in the right mindset to take the exam and consolidate your knowledge.

Search the Internet to find the most valid and updated files, and try out the free exam questions first. After that, you can get the paid expert-verified practice tests and train to achieve the passing score and develop you time management skills. Thus, these files are really indispensable for you.


Now you have all the information you need of how to obtain the CompTIA A+ certification, and you can feel free to register for your first exam. Moreover, knowing these tips, success in the associated A+ tests is guaranteed. Get started on your journey to a lucrative IT career today!


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