SUBTROP SAAGA Bursary 2021/2022


Subtrop stands for South African Subtropical Growers’ Association and is an umbrella association of three associations. Its members range from small landholding farmers to large corporations.

The three associations are:

  • South African Avocado Growers’ Association (SAAGA)
  • South African Litchi Growers’ Association (SALGA)
  • South African Mango Growers’ Association (SAMGA)

Its primary objective is to facilitate research in the area of production and marketing of the three commodities. Also, it educates farmers on how to handle their products and distribute it for maximum growth.

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The association uses advanced techniques like satellite offices to reach the growers in the remote section.


Subtrop SAAGA Bursary 2021/2022

To support the students selected for the SAAGA bursary, the Subtrop SAAGA bursary program awards bursaries each year. Bursaries for students from underprivileged families help them with their post-secondary education in agricultural disciplines.

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Students who receive the grant pursue an Agriculture BSc or equivalent.

To increase the number of persons of color working in the South African avocado sector, as well as to encourage their development as trained individuals.

Bursaries may cover the entire tuition or part of it. This means that students will be eligible for the bursary for a full academic year (1 year). A panel will examine academic performance for the second year in a row. In the opinion of the researchers, it is now unknown whether or not to continue offering these benefits the next year.

To obtain the scholarship, students must sign a contract in which they commit to labor for Subtrop for an amount of time equal to the term of the bursary award. Also, throughout lectures and project work, the students must focus on avocados.


The bursary also has penalties in place for defaulters. If a bursar fails to pass the course for which the bursary was awarded, they will have to pay back the amount to Subtrop. The allowed duration is the length of the bursary. Repayment starts after the year for which the bursary was awarded.

Eligibility Criteria

Before you can apply for the Subtrop SAAGA bursary, make sure that you meet its eligibility criteria. Subtrop is very specific on who is and isn’t qualified for the bursary programme. If you do not fulfill all the criteria, then consider yourself ineligible.

The eligibility requirements for Subtrop SAAGA bursary are:

  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be a person of color
  • Must have complete Matriculation
  • Must be pursuing BSc Agriculture or equivalent (major in Horticultural Science, Agribusiness, or Agricultural Economics)
  • Must be studying at a recognized tertiary institution in South Africa

Please note that fulfilling the criteria does not guarantee selection. It’s at the sole discretion of Subtrop to select the candidates for the bursary.

How to Apply for the SUBTROP SAAGA Bursary

Eligible candidates should move forward with the application process. There are two ways you can apply for the bursary. Select the one that’s more convenient for you.

  • Submit Online

You can apply for the bursary online by submitting the Subtrop SAAGA Online Application Form. The form has several fields which you need to fill out.

First, it’ll ask about your personal details like name, contact number, physical address, and email address.

In the next section, fill out the university details like student number, name of the university, major subjects, head of department, etc.

In the last section, provide three references. These should be people who are in a position to corroborate your talent and skill set.

You’d also have to upload the necessary documents.

  • Submit by Email

Alternatively, you can submit your application via email. For this, you need to download the application form from the website. Fill in the necessary details correctly. It’s important to maintain accuracy and avoid overwriting.

Then, prepare and scan the necessary documents mentioned below.

Lastly, email the documents and the application form to Ms. Delané Landman at

Documents Required

  • ID documents
  • Matric certificate
  • University academic record
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Documents of other bursaries that you’re currently benefitting from
  • A motivation letter stating why you’re the best candidate for the bursary

Review your application for one last time and hit the “Send” button.

SUBTROP SAAGA Bursary Closing Date

The last date to apply for the bursary is 31 October 2021. Application submitted past this date will be rejected. So apply as soon as possible.

Contact Details

For further queries, you can contact Delané Landman at:

  • Email –
  • Telephone – 015 307 3676 / 015 307 3677


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