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How to Know If You’re a South African Citizen


Are you extremely worried that you have lost SA citizenship? It’s now easy and possible for you to check your South African citizenship through a Determination process.

South African Citizenship determination

How To Verify Your South African Citizenship Status

The Citizenship Determination procedure can be used to confirm your South African citizenship. The check is normally done in 30-40 business days, but expect prolonged delays if your records need to be sent to the South African Department of Home Affairs’ headquarters.

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In the end, a Determination of Citizenship is a procedure for determining whether or not your South African citizenship has been revoked. If you have lost your citizenship due to any circumstance, you can apply for it back, but it is a lengthy procedure.

Documents Required for SA Citizenship Determination

  • Unabridged birth certificate
  • South African Identity Document OR Passport
  • Letter of Retention of South African Citizenship (or your Foreign Citizenship Certificate)
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