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How to Register Domain Name in South Africa


In this post, you will get a step-by-step guide on how to register your domain name in South Africa easily. Using the CIPC platform, you can easily purchase any domain name of your choice.

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Domain Name Registration in South Africa Guide

1. Login on https://eServices.cipc.co.za/ and click on the “TRANSACT” button at the top right of the screen.

2. Click on the “DOMAIN NAME SERVICES” option.

3. The domain name services home page will appear, please take time to read it

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4. To start the registration process click on “REGISTER A DOMAIN NAME”.

5. Type in your enterprise number.

6. Confirm the first listed director’s ID number

7. Type in your proposed domain name

8. If it’s not available you can see who owns it by clicking the “WHOIS” button.

9. If it’s available use the “CONTINUE” button to proceed.

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10. If you are registering a domain through CIPC for the first time you will get a contact details form, fill it in to

11. Transaction confirmation; click “CONTINUE”.

12. Amount due and reference number are displayed. At this point, you have an option to add more domain names
to your transaction. Once all domain names are added click on “PAY”.

13. Total amount due, reference number as well as your email address will be displayed. Click “CONTINUE”.

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14. A card payment form will be displayed

15. Type in your debit or credit card details then click on the “Submit Payment” button

16. Payment confirmation will be displayed if payment has been successful.

17. Once payment has been successful click on the “VERIFY PAYMENT” button to proceed with the registration of your

18. Registration confirmation will be displayed

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