Getroud Met Rugby Teasers for October 2020


Getroud met rugby is a South African television series that revolves around four stars of a Johannesburg rugby team and their wives as they become involved in various interconnected scandals.

Getroud Met Rugby

Thursday 1 October 2020
Episode 54

Liam criticizes Priscilla on her mothering skills. Blitz’s past causes tension between him and Lienkie. The Beltrames endure an uncomfortable dinner with Buks and Nesie.

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Friday 2 October 2020
Episode 55

Nesie has a big surprise for Buks. The tension between Liam and his mother-in-law continues. Wynand and Simon’s frustrations reach breaking point.

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Monday 5 October 2020
Episode 56

Maryke returns to work. Simon tells Renate they can’t be friends anymore. Bart and Denzel plan their next scheme.

Tuesday 6 October 2020
Episode 57

Maryke is heartbroken about a gift that has gone. Blitz and Lienkie make an impulsive decision. Priscilla forces herself deeper into Candice’s web series.

Wednesday 7 October 2020
Episode 58

Blitz and Lienkie get married in court. Priscilla is working on Candice’s nerves. The pompoms scheme to take the latest Stryder-bachelor off the market.

Thursday 8 October 2020
Episode 59

Jordan gives the ladies a self-defence class. Candice involves Priscilla in the casting of her web series. Everyone is surprised about Blitz and Lienkie.

Friday 9 October 2020
Episode 60

Lulu struggles with her decision to move in with Simon. Ryno gets a special surprise… Candice and her mom continue to argue.

Monday 12 October 2020
Episode 61

Priscilla’s scheming almost costs Liam his career. Magda voices her pent-up emotions. Nesie breaks someone’s nose again.

Tuesday 13 October 2020
Episode 62

The Stryder-women surprise Lienkie with a bachelorette. Priscilla tries to find sympathy from Lulu. Bart continues his mission to win back Kristien.

Wednesday 14 October 2020
Episode 63

Pine makes Blitz an irresistible offer… Wynand follows in Blitz’s footsteps with the pompoms. Priscilla is on her best behaviour.

Thursday 15 October 2020
Episode 64

Priscilla’s visit at the Willemse’s comes to an end. The pompoms play dirty in the battle for Wynand’s heart. Pine approaches Blitz with a higher offer.

Friday 16 October 2020
Episode 65

Blitz and Lienkie celebrate their wedding. Renate makes a mistake on the cloud. The Stryders receive bad news about Pottie’s.

Monday 19 October 2020
Episode 66

An article about Blitz and Lienkie appears… Amanda and Renate find out Kristien refused the increase. Simon is upset about Lulu and Renate…

Tuesday 20 October 2020
Episode 67

The children at Johan’s school tease him about Blitz and Lienkie. Lulu is still upset because Simon were sniffing around… Everyone is worried about Pottie’s.

Wednesday 21 October 2020
Episode 68

Blitz and Lienkie are worried about Johan. Simon and Lulu make up. Wynand breaks up with three pompoms.

Thursday 22 October 2020
Episode 69

Magda and Pottie have reached the end of their tether. Renate is on a mission to help Bart. Ryno receives upsetting news about his clothing range.

Friday 23 October 2020
Episode 70

The Stryder community team up to save Pottie’s. Liam’s complex has another break in. Wynand struggles to escape the pompoms.

Monday 26 October 2020
Episode 71

Pottie’s gets a new owner. Blitz and Johan are worried about Lienkie’s health. Renate meets her charming neighbour…

Tuesday 27 October 2020
Episode 72

Renate is in love. Reitz confronts Amanda… Ryno and Thinus are suspicious about Anton.

Wednesday 28 October 2020
Episode 73

Maryke warns Magda about Bart. Ryno struggles to stop the theft of his clothing range. Simon and Lulu celebrate their last night in Reitz’s house.

Thursday 29 October 2020
Episode 74

Ryno finds the thief who stole his clothing range. Simon and Lulu move into their new home. Bart checks in on his new investment.

Friday 30 October 2020
Episode 75

Kristien finds out Renate is spending time with Bart. Pottie has a surprise for Bart. Renate worries she is not smart enough for Willem.


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