10 Ways To Save Money While Studying


Every student has had an experience when they need money and they either can’t or don’t want to ask from their parents or guidance. This could either be because they haven’t reached the proper time for reimbursement or they have recently just gotten money which doesn’t seem to be enough.

While in school as a student, you might want a degree of financial freedom. Although your parents might take care of your major financial needs, you would want to be capable of meeting some expenses without calling home. This is where we come in with money-saving tips and how you can make some cash as a student.

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Save Money While Studying

1. Sell used textbooks

To raise some money, you should consider selling some of the textbooks you have used and are sure you don’t need anymore. Since the textbooks would only sit on your shelf collecting dust, why not convert it into money? But remember, make sure you won’t be needing the textbooks anymore. You don’t want to make a costly mistake.

2. Avoid impulsive spending

As a student, it is highly important that you only spend on things you see necessary. To save money, you should reduce the amount of money you spend impulsively on luxuries.

Perhaps there is a new version of iPods that has just been released, before buying it, think about your budget and the other necessities you need to get first. This habit would help you save money in school.

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3. Walk often

Perhaps you are fond of taking taxis or even your car everywhere you go, try to reconsider. You could save a whole lot by walking once in a while. If you need to visit a nearby store or going to see a movie, consider taking a walk sometimes when possible. You are saving money and, at the same time, exercising.

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4. Get a roommate

Staying alone is more expensive than getting a roommate. To save some money as a student, you should get a roommate who will split your rent with you. As much as it is advised that you take in a roommate, it is also important that you evaluate whoever you are considering as a roommate.

Make sure it is somebody you can lie with to avoid any complications that might arise from differences between you.

5. Open a savings account

In the habit of saving, open a savings account in a bank of your choice. Keeping your money with an external party tends to reduce your spend rate. Additionally, some savings accounts give you interests on the money you save with them. this would serve as an incentive for you to keep your money and also reward you for it.

6. Patronize second-hand stores

Second-hand stores are a great way to save money as a student. You should consider purchasing some items in second-hand stores as they are usually cheaper.

7. Cook more often

Cooking is fun! Perhaps you don’t like to cook because you think it is stressful and it is faster to eat out. As a student, you would save a lot from cooking your food instead of paying a lot to eat outside, what you can get for less. This would help you save money and build your culinary skills.

8. Draw up a budget

To avoid spending lavishly, you should always draw up a periodic budget for yourself. You could always draw up a budget every month that would project your expenses and income. This will put things in order, help to avoid impulsive spending, and assist you in saving money if you stick to it.

9. Search for discounts

Sometimes, when you intend to buy a particular product, try to look out for stores where you can get it for the least possible price. This would save money and you still get the same product you want.

10. Cut costs

Always review your spending pattern and budget and remove expenses you deem irrelevant or dispensable. There are some expenses you would plan to make that you can afford to postpone or cancel out. Find them and eliminate them while leaving the necessary and essential items.

There, you have been equipped with this list and you can now find it easy to save money while studying. If you have any thoughts or comments, use the comment section.


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