Stiletto Vendetta Teasers for May 2021


Stiletto Vendetta is a television series that  revolves around four stunning, accomplished women who reunite as adults after a long separation and have old scores to settle as new rivalries emerge.

Stiletto Vendetta

Monday 3 May 2021
Episode 20

Merve and Pelin are stirring the pot again, feeding their own suspicions

Tuesday 4 May 2021
Episode 21

Both Merve and Pelin make an uncomfortable discovery when they meddle a little too much in Oya’s life. Serhan is under a lot of pressure, will he be able to handle it?

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Wednesday 5 May 2021
Episode 22

Merve and Pelin both get the wrong end of the stick. Arzu starts worrying about her new boss’s business. And Mehmet may not be able to afford Burcu’s dreams.

Thursday 6 May 2021
Episode 23

Oya comes up with an elaborate plan to throw off Merve and Pelin while the two women are both suspicious of the other’s husband. Mehmet is concerned about finances.

Friday 7 May 2021
Episode 24

Oya tries her best to avoid Merve and keep her secrets. Mehmet seems increasingly unhappy, while Burcu’s demands get greater by the day.

Monday 10 May 2021
Episode 25

Everyone is shocked when an uninvited guest arrives for dinner at Merve’s house. Oya is in a state of confusion. Nilay is adamant that she wants to support her mother.

Tuesday 11 May 2021
Episode 26

Merve and Serhan try their best to get Oya and Edip to dine with them. Oya gives Nilay some very sound advice.

Wednesday 12 May 2021
Episode 27

When Edip and Oya have a falling out, he calls upon Merve to help him fix the situation. Burcu’s snooping around on Mehmet’s phone, has dismal consequences.

Thursday 13 May 2021
Episode 28

Merve and Pelin are getting more and more anxious as the truth about the past is surfacing.

Friday 14 May 2021
Episode 29

Merve is becoming more and more suspicious of Serhan. Burcu succeeds in manipulating Mehmet’s children.

Monday 17 May 2021
Episode 30

According to Taylan, Oya is the new sherif in town and Pelin does everything in her power to win her over. It seems like Merve’s marriage is crumbling by the day.

Tuesday 18 May 2021
Episode 31

Serhan gets arrested for fraud, Merve’s world collapses and everybody is in disbelief of these developments. Could this scandal be true?

Wednesday 19 May 2021
Episode 32

Oya rescues Merve from an angry mob of women. Taylan and Mehmet are distraught to hear about Serhan and fear for their finacial survival.

Thursday 20 May 2021
Episode 33

It seems as though Merve has finally hit rock bottom and is losing everything she values. Has Pelin finally found her gap to conquer Merve’s reign, with Burcu’s plan?

Friday 21 May 2021
Episode 34

Merve is shocked at who the buyer of her house is as people’s true colours start to become apparent. After another attack, Serhan starts to fight for himself.

Monday 24 May 2021
Episode 35

Serhan is released today and Merve finds out who Serhan suspects stole the money. Pelin and Taylan have a major fallout but who comforts Pelin?

Tuesday 25 May 2021
Episode 36

Oya is playing detective trying to find the money launderers. Merve pays a visit to her brother and Mehmet is jealous of Enver.

Wednesday 26 May 2021
Episode 37

Burcu suspects Mehmet is up to his old tricks. After his victory, Serhan wants Oya to make a decision, and Merve confronts Arzu about her betrayal.

Thursday 27 May 2021
Episode 38

Merve stops at nothing to rule her town again. Poor Arzu’s new business venture takes a crooked turn and she shares an awkard moment with Mehmet.

Friday 28 May 2021
Episode 39

Oya is finally pushed too far by Merve and decides to go into action. Mehmet tries to persue Arzu, but she’s having second thoughts.

Monday 31 May 2021
Episode 40

Merve blackmails Pelin in order to get back what is hers. Taylan’s anger nearly gets the better of him while Oya tells Serhan something he doesn’t want to hear.


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